Orientation bi, uni Relationship status single Meet with man Dating purpose friendship, sex, looking for a lover, one-night stand, other Height 168 cm Weight 68 kg Body Type average Love in sex classic sex, anal sex, group sex Member since 20.06.22
Things that turn me on:
I want to find an adult who will make his belt. I meet in a mask. Not being discussed. So I feel comfortable and at ease. I want anonymous, confidential, without persons and obligations. Shy, wildly excited. maybe in a wheelbarrow, in a park, in the countryside, behind garages, in a crib without turning on the light, etc. Little experience with meetings. there is no place, we can take something. Not cute, an ordinary guy, calm, without manners. Not associated with a gay theme or relationship. Only sex! No relationships, hugs, kisses, etc. I liked dressing up in my ex's underwear. Ready for experiments) You can in unusual places. Please write with age. I can get out after 9 pm ... Who needs a face, kisses, hugs, feelings, etc. - do not respond. I just want confidential sex meetings.
About myself:
Shy. Sometimes attracted to older men. Short, brown-eyed, for anonymity and confidentiality. The experience was a couple of times in adults 50+. We relaxed anonymously in a dark room. Caresses, hugs, yelled, finished on me. I liked it very much. Do not mind in linen, panties of wives, masks. I want to be a mature passik. I don't send a face. I will open my face if I like it and we will continue to meet.
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