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Nanjing 20000000000 king took nearly two years has not started

July 1 this year, the Department of Homeland started on "idle land disposal methods (Revised Draft)" shows that take place after the developers did not start construction within two years after approval of land use rights can be withdrawn without compensation, the provisions touched many developers nerves.

According to the "Daily Economic News (microblogging)," the reporter, who in September 2010 to create a 20 billion yuan to Wang Nanjing Shimonoseki area west of Riverside Riverside Road, 1 block and 3 blocks so far there is no sign of construction. In this regard, an industry analysis, said to reporters, because the plot is the old town reconstruction project,swiss replica watches, the demolition and start planning problems have hindered the progress of developers.

project has not started

2010 年 9 19, in Nanjing,relojes especiales, a land auction will attract a lot of media attention. Public data shows, No. 1, the transfer of land located in the area west of Riverside off River Road,nike free tr fit 3, an area of ​​354,000 square meters to sell a total gross floor area of ​​2,047,700 square meters, the starting price for the listing to sell 12.141 billion yuan. 3 adjacent plots, transfer area of ​​314,000 square meters, the starting price listing to sell 7.893 billion yuan. Two plots total of about 20 billion yuan, 2.5 billion yuan respectively,replique montre, bid bond and 16 billion. As the two plots price is too high, only the transformation of the Old City of Nanjing Riverside Construction Investment Co., Ltd., a company involved in the auction and the starting price of the transaction.

In the two plots

site, the "Daily Economic News" reporter saw many houses have been written on the walls of the big "demolition" and a variety of relocation banners everywhere, but only demolition work a star the slightest, many houses still lived inhabitants.

idle on these plots has no reason to start, July 9 reporter called Nanjing Land and Resources Bureau, a staff member surnamed Chen said call back, "Shimonoseki Riverside Road No. 1 and No. 3 block, strictly speaking, is not idle land, because the developers and the government agreed start time this year in March,replicas de relojes, but up to now the main reason is that developers do not have to start there are some procedures did not run, the current government has been urging developers to start as soon as possible . "For the reporter saw a lot still to be demolished households argument, the staff member said," the demolition work has been carried out almost the same, you see only a small part has not been demolished, then this part of the demolition work will be completed as soon as possible. "

Subsequently, the reporter called the transformation of the Old City of Nanjing Riverside Construction Investment Co., Ltd., a staff member told reporters that the company, "because it is different from the general project development, this involves upgrading and urban planning Shimonoseki area We have pre-planned and the world-renowned companies, they have a planning program, after approval, have been achieved satisfactory results under the customs area,jordan retro 3 infrared 23, in this case, the project will soon start. "

demolition plan affect?

issued by the Department of Homeland latest on "idle land disposal methods (Revised Draft)" requirement shows that one year does not commence development of state-owned construction land belongs to the restrictions on land or development but the developer has started construction land area accounts should commence development and construction of one-third of the total land area of ​​less than or has invested a total investment of less than 25% over one year suspension of development and construction of a state-owned construction land can also be identified as idle land.

"Shimonoseki Riverside Road two plots from September 2010 to September of this year to take place on the full two years, the first meet of the year did not belong to idle land development regulations, followed by the project will not start satisfy the conditions in the area of ​​less than one-third of the development and investment of less than 25%, so the plot is not idle land can be imagined. "person in charge of a domestic real estate industry associations," said Daily Economic News "reporter "This project did not start in two years if conditions are met, then the relevant authorities should implement the provisions referring to the latest Department of Homeland."

For this reason the project has yet to commence, Nanjing real estate sector,replica watches, a senior industry insiders on the "Daily Economic News" reporter analysts say the problem may be the demolition and planning, "these two plots Nanjing Shimonoseki Old Town, demolition work will certainly encounter some difficulties, which may delay the start of the time there is a problem, which is a transformation of the Old City project,nike air force 1, then the project will involve planning issues, so this also affect the project start time. "

these insiders on the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said, "At present, there are a lot of demolition work site does not complete, the developer wants to recent construction, would be difficult to carry out."

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