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i wanna go, ooouuuttttt tonight
Created: 9 year(s) ago
so it's saturday night. i'm decient looking. or at least i won't scare children if they see me in broad day lite. most children anyway. kidding =) i really don't want to be home and i have the little problem of i don't want to go out alone. see the problem. it's been a while since i've dated anyone really. thats a long story. much like my name. I'm Roman but my real name is david. i'm not in shape. i'm a little on the chubby side but hitting the gym 3 days a week. but chubby guys try harder. I'm an actor, writer, former stand up comic (please don't ask me to tell you a joke). i work as a dog walker (believe me it's a job, a temporary one & not a career) but i'm also a writer and actor.

I'm 28 and will be turning 29 in a few months. i'm part hispanic, british, indian (think tech support not casino) and part jewish. I'm very into politics (somewhere between liberal and libertarian depending on the issue), I love computers & gadgets (gdgt, engadget and cnet are some of my fav podcast & no i'm not a mac fan boy. nor am i a hacker or programer. i'm slightly above an i d 10 t user).

i smoke. i'm a trekie. versatile, chemical friendly (take that how ever you want. on occassion i like it when lights dance.) but not obsessed with chemical escape. i like playing xbox and i'm an avid star trek fan. versatile, 6in cut. I do my best when it comes to talking without a script but i'm the worlds greatest listener. thats probably my best quality. that and i'm attentive. i've been told i'm the nicest person in the world at least once. i'm patient and non-judgmental. I'm pretty low maintance. i'm also modest. no really i am modest.

so thats me in a nut shell. i'd like to go out to see a movie or go to a party tonight (theirs one tonight saturday) and i'm going out for chinese. i don't know if you came C.L looking for a quick hook up or if you looking for a date or something more. but your here now and maybe I'm the guy your looking for. maybe your just as bored as i am and are thinking to yourself i need to get outta here for a while. i like guys around my age. somewhere in the 5 year range of 28. I like the nerdy type. not looking for sex. just looking to get outta the house & want some company. if that turns into something later on thats cool. my pix below are a year or 2 old but their roughly relivant. send me a face pic and a little about yourself to my email or if you really have a pair on you call/txt me at nine 1 seven-8 three 8-seven-6-three 8. maybe we can make this happen. serious only. no flakes please.