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6 18, Sohu video at the airport found a body burly tall, wearing sunglasses men, who is the current boyfriend of Xujia Ning Li Xiaoran day, wearing a light-colored T-shirts and Xu Jianing jeans, dress simple and casual, counter for check-in at the vip and checked luggage, then Xiaoran and two assistants look entourage appeared, Li Xiaoran dress low-key, with a black plus sunglasses debut, she walked toward the checkpoint, and 徐佳宁 kept some distance until the two side by side when entering the security counterparts, but it does not have any conversation. Sohu Video noticed Xiaoran and Xu Jianing ride is Flights to Changchun, Changchun is Xu Jianing and hometown.

around at 15:00 on the 18th, Li Xiaoran Xu Jianing take flight arrived in Changchun, see Xu Jianing Sohu video first appeared in front of the baggage carousel waiting for his luggage, and soon Xiaoran walked in front of him, Xiaoran vigilance towards Gate looked outside, then out of the gate into the bathroom alone. After assistant 徐佳宁 get finished and peer out of the airport baggage hall, then Xiaoran silently behind him, the two are still deliberately kept at a distance, and then they went one after an Audi car, car quickly left the airport .

19 early in the morning Sohu video, Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau drove to the location - Chaoyang District public buildings, around 8:20, a little worn Mitsubishi cars and two Buick car into Civil Affairs compound, followed by several men get off talking, then Sohu video vaguely see Xu Jianing and Xiaoran Mitsubishi sedan was sitting inside. 8:30 office time is up, down a tall lady called from the Mitsubishi sedan, it Xiaoran, the same day, Li Xiaoran plain clothes, pale apply cosmetics, wearing a floral shirt as festive embellishment, happy face wearing Li Xiaoran smile, briskly toward the door of Civil Affairs, friends and colleagues affectionately nod. Then Xu Jianing also under the car, he was wearing a denim shirt and jeans, wearing sunglasses , the same smile, revealing a festivity, He went to her friends while chatting happily, while smoking, then in the company of friends also went into the building.

Sohu video to see three Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration in the building, the couple came to register located in a room near the elevator to go shoot the wedding,cheap sunglasses online, and then enter the registration hall to register marriages. Xiaoran after first entering the studio upstairs, and soon 徐佳宁 surrounded by friends who are also into the studio, followed by a burst of cheering sound of the scene, with several friends carrying his camera to take pictures and video and dv for their next record this moment of happiness in life. Just a few minutes Xiaoran and Xu Jianing finished the wedding, they happily went into the registration hall, friends continued to take pictures with the camera, sitting side by side Xiaoran and Xu Jianing stage formalities of office, friends put them around in the middle. It took another ten minutes, Sohu video to see Xiaoran and 徐佳宁 holding "red books", surrounded by friends who they walked into the elevator, out of the building Xiaoran and 徐佳宁 and riding on a bike Mitsubishi car to leave.

徐佳宁 fell in love with Xiaoran six months, two of them married, the number of segments romance Xiaoran speed cf before, is a "flash marriage", and informed sources said 徐佳宁 forthright kind, a good reputation in the circle , and Li Xiaoran character is very appropriate, it seems that road conditions Unfortunate Xiaoran this time made a right choice.

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