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Wang Sisi sunglasses appearance


NetEase Entertainment on April 17 reported Yesterday, directed by renowned director Cao shield, Huang Haibo (), Zhang Jingchu, Wang Sisi, such as drama starring Dylan Kuo, "a love" was held in Beijing boot release will. Cao led the congregation creative director shield appeared one by one, to boot ceremony drama started to warm up.


drama "A Love" love story is different from the previous theme, advocated create no third, no domestic violence, no-law, only a sincere love of the city turning back the emotional story. Directed want drama can convey positive energy of love, let the audience believe in love, courage to love.



conference site, wearing a seat by an independent designer of brightly colored halter dress Wang Sisi wearing sunglasses first appearance, becoming one of the highlights on stage that day. Moderator quickly asked the reason, explained Wang Sisi play because she played Ding Haibo pursued for everyone, there is an urgent red eye, so wearing sunglasses . Live broadcast of the drama "A Love" first branch trailers, Cambodia exotic fascinating, so that the presence of you are all looking forward for this drama.


Wang Sisi Fan two young women early in the hit series "difficult to raise children," he and the director worked,buy designer sunglasses, compared to "difficult to raise children" in the "Zhao soft", this in "A Love" Wang Sisi play is a successful independent woman "Ding everyone" - a man has to have his men could not get her. Everyone play Ding Haibo pursued, can give up everything for love.


young Wang Sisi slowly as a film and television star in the drama directed by Pang good "at forty", the corner has been well received plays ASUS is well known. TV series "difficult to raise children" in the "Zhao soft" corner, "Van II" image of young women is deeply rooted, I believe that the outspoken, independent small woman Ding everyone more worth the wait.

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