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John D
Updated 9 year(s) ago +++ I met John one evening at a bar where he did some promotion for a magazine. We had a quite nice conversation and two hours later, John came back to me after he was finished with work.

So it happened that I didn't leave the bar alone that evening. We went to John's apartment and I was really surprised about what I saw when he took off his pants...
Dakota Shine
Updated 9 year(s) ago +++ From the day he first saw a pierced guy, it was clear that Dakota wanted to have some piercings as well. He considers himself an EMO boy and does everything to support this "style". Dakota goes out very often in Manchester, UK and likes to show his jewels to everybody. So it takes about five minutes after he entered the disco until he takes off his shirt. And the guys like his piercings and the EMO boy hairdo, of course.
Ricky Barnetta
Updated 9 year(s) ago +++ Ricky Barnetta just finished school and started working as a chef in his father's restaurant. As Ricky's looks are quite perfect he has no problems to find guys to have fun with. And I can tell you Ricky is as good in bed as in the kitchen!
Terry and Freddy
Updated 9 year(s) ago +++ Terry had a look at the website and proposed to do a session together with Freddy. Of course Freddy wanted to do this as well, so the boys met a few days later. They just started right away "playing" together and used some of the things they found in the room. We all had a lot of fun during the shooting and after Terry and Freddy had finished we all were very satisfied...
Updated 9 year(s) ago +++ Usually Jeremiah is a much disciplined student. This will be his last year at school. After his final exams he wants to study archeology. But sometimes all the books and all the studying annoys him. He puts a CD in his player and relaxes a bit!
Frederic and Jan
Updated 9 year(s) ago
Frederic and Jan met first about two years ago when they went to a skiing trip together with Matt, Eddy, and some other friends. As they liked each other they met again after that weekend to go out and to have fun together.
Updated 9 year(s) ago
Ryan Alexander came back and asked for another photo session on And this time it was great fun as well. A good result was important to him, so he made good suggestions and performed really well. Not only is he a beautiful boy, his personality and charm make him even more beautiful. He is the perfect boyfriend. The longer you know him the more you love him...

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5 Boy Scouts
Updated 8 year(s) ago
This is their first "Get Together" as boy scouts. Andre is the scout master and Lucas, Terry, Harry and Nathan are his scouts. Of course the scout master has to take some measurements of his scout boys first. Their idea of being a boy scout will always be rather sexual.